«Καθώς φαίνεται, η δικαιοσύνη είναι τετράγωνη, σ' όλα τα μέρη ίση και όμοια.»

Who We Are

Total Legal Solutions has its headquarters in Thessaloniki and is one of the most influential, ever-growing law firms in Northern Greece.

Total Legal Solutions is situated in a modern space of 250 sq.m., in the center of Thessaloniki, close to the city's port and the Courthouse; the offices are easily accessible by clients and an underground parking lot in the building is also available.

Total Legal Solutions currently employs six (6) attorneys, it enjoys a fully organized secretarial support, an extensive law library and a conference room and is also supported by a network of partners throughout Greece, active in the legal, technical and financial sectors.

A recent member of IPG, TLS has expanded its access to a global network of legal, financial and tax services, with the aim of providing its clients in Greece and abroad with the best integrated support possible.