«Καθώς φαίνεται, η δικαιοσύνη είναι τετράγωνη, σ' όλα τα μέρη ίση και όμοια.»

Our Values

"Each client is unique"
For us, there are no "small" and "large-scale cases". We are convinced that every client is unique, that is why we provide personalized services to each of them, driven exclusively by their own needs.

"We work in groups"
Each case is examined by a team of associates and every professional opinion is evaluated, in order to achieve the best possible result. Team spirit is the basis of our success.

"Our reputation is gold"
The excellent reputation and ethos of our firm- the result of its long presence and its success in the business- is our most precious value and we protect it with passion and dedication. Mouth to mouth advertising from satisfied clients is the best moral reward of our work and this is a value we represent since 1938.