«Καθώς φαίνεται, η δικαιοσύνη είναι τετράγωνη, σ' όλα τα μέρη ίση και όμοια.»

Clients who Trust Us

The quality of our work in Total Legal Solutions is evidenced by maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients, the majority of which we represent continuously for more than ten years. Our wide clientele allowed us to deal with important and interesting cases, related to:

  • Companies and industries -active in Greece and abroad- within the sectors of energy, food, tobacco, building materials, agricultural products and machinery.
  • Product distribution and logistics, international freight services, courier services, education, healthcare, logistics, construction and real estate.
  • Media Groups (newspapers, magazines, radio, internet).
  • Public utilities, Local Governance.
  • Marketing companies in a wide range of brands.